Recording Thoughts Reboot

Welcome to the reboot of Recording Thoughts!

Back in March of 2005 I started a blog called Recording Thoughts where I wrote about pens and paper, journaling and writing, and how to record thoughts in general. I posted off and on up until about 2016 when life circumstances meant I just couldn’t writ much. It limped along until I shut it down in 2020.

The photo from the header on the first layout I used. Remember when Palm Pilots were a thing?

Well life has calmed down quite a bit and I miss writing about these things, so I decided to restart the blog. Unfortunately, between changing hosts a few times and other challenges the backups I’d made before the shutting the site down were far from usable so it’s going to be more of a reboot than a restart!

Author: Steve

Over thinking geeksturbator in the Bluegrass.

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