Moleskine XL review

When I moved from the usual A5 size notebook to the Leuchtturm 1917 Master Dots it was quite a shock, but one I got over and I quickly got used to the extra space. But that book is pretty massive, and just to big to find in many bags.

So then it was the BookFactory blank book that I was using, and I filled a few of those. I like the size, and the paper was good, but they got to be very expensive.

Looking for a replacement, I tried the Moleskine XL.

  • This notebook is the right size. Not too big to fit in bags it needs to fit in, not so small that I feel like I’m writing in a cramped space.
  • No tear out pages, so I can use the whole book.
  • The usual pocket in the back, which can be handy at times.
  • The stupid notice about a reward, which I resent because it put’s a reward in the mind of the finder, when they might not think of it otherwise. I can always write my own reward offer.
  • The usual elastic band to keep it closed.
  • Paper is fine for me, but probably too thin for most. It’s not going to put up with a wet fountain pen, or the nibbed firehoses that some folks use. It’s also thin enough that any kind of water color wash will buckle the paper.
  • Book is thin – not as many pages as the book factory. On the plus side, the book shouldn’t get too beat up before it’s full.
  • No page numbers. I always liked the idea of the, but I’ll confess I haven’t really used them.

Really this is a pretty good book. The cover material seems to be a bit thicker, slightly more leather-like than the older Moleskines I have. More like the old softcover notebooks from the past.

Overall this book is a winner. It won’t be for everyone, and especially not folks used to wet pens or water colors, but if you’re writing with a mainstream pen or pencil, it’s hard to beat.